Faith Formation


Faith Formation K-12th Grade


Registration fee is $45.00 per child for the year. If this is a hardship for your family, please contact Maggie Vugteveen regarding scholarships. If you have questions or concerns, please call the Office of Faith Formation. 

Classes begin on October 6, 2019.


The following are brief explanations of the many programs we have planned to meet your family needs. Our classes meet on Sunday mornings. Remember that each grade level contains a new diocesan-generated curriculum to assure that your child builds on their knowledge, step by step.


The curriculum is a Catholic Scripture-based format with hands-on learning activities. Throughout this year the children will learn about God’s love through developmentally appropriate Scripture stores. The children will learn traditional Catholic prayers, and are encouraged to pray in different ways during their daily life.

Kindergarten and First Grade RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASS

We will be using a curriculum that has the theme of Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is rich with Catholic Church traditions, Scripture, and prayer integrated into every class time. The classroom is set up where the children will move around from station to station with hands-on activities. Our goal is for your children to grow more in love with God and build a lifelong relationship with Him.

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The Grand Rapids Diocese has now placed both of these sacraments at second grade and up. It is a lively, fun class that thoroughly explores the Sacraments and much more in many practical ways. Your child will receive special books to help you as parents explain the Mass as you experience it together. This class is essential to receive these Sacraments and meets the first three Sundays of each month. This class is open to second graders and up. There will be four parent/child meetings to keep you involved and informed.


Our catechists offer activities, crafts, during their weekly instruction. They learn about the readings at Mass, and continue the age-appropriate Catholic teachings between the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. The children will build on their prayer life with traditional Catholic prayers and will learn more about the Rosary. It is at these ages that children experience the world through new eyes.


Our catechists at this level offer an active, thought-provoking class that not only continues the Catholic teachings but forms the necessary and age-appropriate steps between the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. Current events relating to their religion and world are discussed at their level of understanding.

Seventh grade through High School CONFIRMATION CLASS
10:30 – Noon

This Sacrament class is an amazing portal into a more involved membership in the Catholic Church. Our catechist offers a meaningful program for this age group to help the students make sense of their religion and place in this community. It is rich in Catholic doctrine, traditions, self-awareness and service. Students will select a sponsor who will be involved in the entire year’s activities.

Youth Group 8th and 9th Grade Sundays
10:30 – Noon

During the youth group they will learn about choices, making good decisions, there will be conversations about prayer, who is Jesus and what is God’s dream for them. We will be using the program DecisionPoint by Dynamic Catholic. We will provide a safe venue to ask questions, get real answers, laugh a lot and EAT.

Youth Group 10th-12th Grade Teen Topic Sundays
10:30 – Noon

During these meetings we will encounter lively conversations that will help your teen grow, not only in their Catholic faith, but also in the habits they need to acquire to be successful in school and life. We encourage and support the students to develop a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will provide a safe venue to ask questions, get real answers, laugh a lot, EAT, and maybe even get a little crazy.


Children’s Masses

All of the children will be welcomed to actively participate in the Children’s Mass. Our hope is that they develop a strong desire to always be involved in Mass, now and as an adult. The Children’s Masses are on the third Sunday of the month October through May, at the 9:00am Mass. The children will be invited and encourage to participate at Mass by assuming the parts of a lector, Eucharistic minister, ushers, greeters, altar servers, bringing up the gifts, bringing up their own collection, and any other talents that they have to contribute. We will offer training for all involved. If your child is interested, please call our office.

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This is a group for adults with special needs (18 and older who have graduated from high school). The G.I.F.T.E.D. group will provide adults with special needs the opportunity to gather and learn about their Catholic faith and how they can practically apply it in their everyday lives. We all have unique personal circumstances. This program offers the opportunity for those with special needs to hear about God’s love and mercy. While we believe the families and caregivers will always be the primary role models for their adult’s faith formation, we want to support this on-going faith journey.


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