Parish Campus Maintenance

Some parishioners have been inquiring about the lawn care around the parish campus. We decided this year to contract it out to a private company. In the past we have done it with our parish maintenance staff. Our maintenance staff of two found it very difficult to keep up with all their responsibilities and maintain the nec- essary mowing of the grass. The well groomed grass helps to complement the grounds that our Garden An- gels volunteers work so hard to maintain. So Camp Lawncare and Snowplowing are cutting the grass this season. They also did snow removal for us this past winter. From my own personal experience, snow re- moval is a very difficult job here at the parish. I gave up the 4:00am daily alarms in the winter a couple of years ago. We actually saved some money by contracting it out this past winter.

You may have noticed a new look to our gym in the Parish Center. We felt that there is no longer a need to have the basketball hoops so Scott Schumaker, with some assistance, took them down. Also, the walls of the gym were recently painted. The company that manages our outside events for us hired a professional painting company and paid for the cost. We are very grateful to Luis and Lidia Diaz for doing that for us. Now if we could just afford to replace the gym floor and install air conditioning...

Michelle Storey