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Redemptorist Priests

Five Redemptorist priests currently serve St. Alphonsus Parish. Along with caring for the spiritual needs of the St. Alphonsus Community, our Redemptorist priests serve throughout the Diocese as needed by celebrating Mass and other sacraments, providing spiritual direction and promoting vocations.



Lectors proclaim the Word of God to the congregation during Mass. Training sessions are offered throughout the year. This ministry is open to High School aged students and adults.

Contact: Art Hohendorf, 616-459-9539


Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the congregation during Mass. Training sessions are offered twice a year. This ministry is open to anyone who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Contact: Gene Kozminski, 616-459-1390


Music Ministry

Cantors are needed at all Masses. The adult choir performs at the 11:00am Sunday Mass from September to May. The Contemporary groups performs at the 4:15pm Mass on Saturday. Rehearsals are required. Instrumentalists are welcome to participate at the Mass of their choice. This ministry is open to High School students and adults.

Contact: Carol Fedewa, 616-913-4408


Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest during the celebration of the Mass. There are a few training sessions each year and all youth in 4th grade or higher are strongly encouraged to join this ministry.

Contact: Angela Mitchell, 616-361-5627



Ushers welcome and assist people as they enter church. Duties also include collecting the offering, guiding movement of the communion procession, and passing out bulletins. This ministry is open to anyone High School aged or older.

Contact: Rob Taber, 616-726-2179


Sacristans prepare the offertory gifts and handle all duties necessary to prepare Mass for the priests. Some clean up after Mass may be required. This ministry is open to adults.

Contact: Gene Kozminski, 616-459-1390


Funeral Sacristans

Sacristans are needed on an on call basis to assist during funerals. Duties include unlocking the church, performing sacristan activities, act as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers if needed, and close and lock the church following the funeral. Volunteers are usually scheduled on a monthly basis.

Contact: Jeri Holzgen, 616-784-0587

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