Goodbye from Fr. Pat

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

This is my last "pastor’s letter" to you. I am filled with many emotions as I write these words. It has been my privilege and honor to have served you these past 8 years. Wow, where does the time go? Being able to serve in my home parish and town has been a tremendous blessing for me as well. God is good!

I want to apologize to those whom I hurt by not returning phone calls or responding to your needs when asked. My weaknesses and failings are only too evident and I ask your forgiveness.

I also want to say THANK YOU for your love, friendship and support all these years. You have blessed and touched me in so many ways. It has been a great journey and I believe we all have grown. I believe St. Al's is a visible symbol of God's compassion and goodness through all the wonderful ministries that exist here. I know and pray that you, the people of St. Al's, will continue to grow and manifest this beautiful image of God's presence.....oh what a beautiful face of God you are!

I will be going to Tucson knowing that you are with me in your prayers and love. We are united everyday in the Eucharist.....Jesus brings us together! Be grateful each day for the precious gift of life. Glorify the Lord by your lives! And be good to yourselves!

May you be filled with God's deep peace and joy every day. Pray for me as I for you.

You are always welcome in Tucson. Thank you! I love you all!

Fr. Pat, C.Ss.R.

PS: I will be having my knee surgery on August 22nd and then have an extended period of physical therapy. I plan to be in residence here at the rectory until my surgeon gives me the green light for travel.

Michelle Storey