Mother's Day

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

By now I am sure that you have noticed the beautiful wooden processional crucifix by the altar. This beautiful crucifix was hand carved and crafted in Rome, Italy. Kim Reynolds made a donation in memory of her mother, Elaine Norton, who died November 10, 2018. With this donation we were able to purchase this beautiful crucifix. Thank you, Kim, in memory of your mother!

As I write these words and reflect on Kim’s donation in memory of her mother, I remind all of us to remem- ber our loved ones who have died. For when we look at a picture of them, tell a story, share a memory, go to a place where we traveled with them or just sit in silence with a memory……we are getting in touch with their soul and their spirit. We are honoring them and thanking them for their love and presence in our lives. They are always with us. In every Eucharist we celebrate, we are with them and they are with us in this beautiful Communion of Saints. Spend a little time with your loved ones who have died and are living the Resurrection!

The base for this crucifix was made by our parishioner, Jim Steffens. I wanted all the candle bases to match and have uniformity around the altar. Jim did wonderful work in crafting this base for the crucifix. The large base for the Easter candle was crafted years ago by our fellow parishioner Larry Clouse. So, thank you Jim and Larry for your expertise in wood work! On this Mother’s Day, let us also take time to thank our mothers for the precious gift of life. If they are still living, give them a big hug, call them up, take them out to eat, laugh with them, cry with them, but thank them and tell them how much you love them! If they have died, tell them again thank you and how much you still love them! Thank Jesus that He gave us His own Mother Mary to walk with us on the journey of life. She knows suffering and pain, tears and heartbreak, but also joy and Resurrection! Mary, Mother of Jesus, we love you!

A blessed and joyful Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mothers!

Gratefully, Fr. Pat, C.Ss.R.

Michelle Storey